Property Management


Scope of our company structure

  • Cornerstone Property Management is a full service divison of the company that specializes in all aspects of property management, Real Estate investment planning and residential sales.
  • Our company services Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Our focus is to provide our clients an improved quality of life by effectively managing their Real Estate portfolio by maximizing  the value, cash-flow and mainting low vacancy of their investments.
  • We service a vast variety of clients with a broad array of Real Estate needs such as landlords, tenants and investors who utilize us as the manager of their Real Estate investment portfolio.
  • We maintain a comprehensive database of landlords, tenants and investors as a valuable tool for matching people who share common Real Estate needs.
  • Services with respect to property management include property eviction preparation, 1031 Exchange services, property condition analysis, investment valuations, Real Estate appraisals and investment/business planning.
  • We manage a Preferred Vendor team of highly competent professionals which, through increased volume, yields substantial value for our clients, as well as Cornerstone Property Management.



“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline to carrying it out.”


6% Property Management Fee:

  • Collect and disburse rent payments.
  • Disbursements are sent out on the 15th
  • Send out late notice. Fee for certified letters is $25.00/letter.
  • Provide a monthly report to landlord.


8% Property Management Fee:

  • All of the above
  • Maintain an escrow account:
  • Security deposits
  • Petty cash account with preauthorized spending limit.
  • Manage disbursement of rents and management fee.
  • Lease preparation, execution and enforcement.
  • Conduct an annual recommitment meeting no later than the 8th month of lease with all tenants in order to minimize vacancy periods.
  • Strategic system of targeted letters for management of rents. Our outgoing letter system (The Eviction Process) is designed to encourage on-time payments and to maximize eviction process efficiency.
  • Tenant Management (Outgoing Letter System - The Eviction Process)
  • Past Due:
    • Sent on the 2nd of the month
    • The late notice is the first of a series of letters the automatically are sent on the second day of any given month where rents have not been received. Technically, it’s the first step of the eviction process, but its main purpose is to train the tenants to routinely pay on-time. In most cases, tenants never advance beyond this point.
  • Late Notice
    • Sent on the 6th
    • Notice of late charges and pending serious consequences
  • Pay or Vacate:
    • Sent on the 11th day of the month.
    • The Pay or Vacate escalates the eviction process and puts the tenant on notice that additional consequences, charges and filing for eviction is imminent.
  • Eviction Filing:
    • Sent on the 15th of the month.
    • Actual preparation and filing in accordance with the local jurisdiction.
    • Maintain an annual schedule for rent increases in order to maximize cash flow and value of investment.
      • Modify current leases.
      • Schedule and negotiate increases directly with tenants.
    •  Conduct routine inspections
    • Move-in inspection and signing of checklist.
    • Three-month inspection and signing of checklist.
    • Recommitment Meeting three months prior to the expiration of lease.
    • Personalized tenant/landlord services.
    • 24 hour emergency service through select vendors.
    • Market Analysis to determine fair market rents.


10% Property Management Fee:

  • All of the above.
  • Comparative Market Analysis.
  • Property Condition Analysis and follow up program.
    • Evaluate condition by a home inspector to assess condition to determine short-term and long-term capital improvements goals.
    • Periodic Market analysis to evaluate cost effectiveness of capital improvements.
    • Value analysis and corresponding investment improvement plan that is tied to long-term business plan to realize investment yields and goals.
    • Conduct a property condition evaluation by a home inspector in order to assess growth potential and to devise a plan to accomplish short and long-term goals.
    • Strategic Real Estate Investment Planning and Restructuring.
    • Property Condition Analysis and follow up program.
    • Relocation Services and Property Exchanges:
    • Monthly informational and annual reports for tax preparation.

The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work.

About Us

  • Our branches are located in Wayne and Collegeville.
  • Averaging over twenty years of Real Estate experience, our agents are specialists within the local rental market.
  • Cornerstone Property Management was founded on sound principles that center on customer satisfaction and on achieving the goals set by our clients.
  • Our business model was developed on the premise that our fee could be earned solely on savings yielded through efficiency and effective management. 


Improve the "Curb Appeal" of Your Home?

Aroma plays a subtle but important role in a buyer's decision. Try baking a quick batch of cookies prior to a showing. Your home will smell sweet and be more enticing to buyers.


Trimming hedges and trees and cleaning the windows also helps. If your home looks unkempt from the outside, buyers will be more critical about details on the inside.


Call us at +1 610 624 1818 or contact us online to find out more about tips and tricks on improving your "curb appeal."

Helpful Hints in Preparing for the Sale of Your Home

To facilitate the sales process, please consider the following information and documents pertaining to your real estate:

  • Desired price
  • Location (exact address)
  • Type of real estate (house, condo, multi-unit, etc.)
  • Year the property was built
  • Exact dimensions
  • Detailed floor plan
  • Information about included furnishings
  • Documentation proving ownership
  • Brief description of the property


Once you are ready to offer your property for sale, or if you are having trouble assembling the required documentation, please contact us, we're happy to assist you at every step of the process.